Marsha Novak

Whether you are the parent of a

Special Needs Child with movement or learning challenges,

Child Struggling in School and you are not sure why, or

High Performing Child for whom more might be possible,

You are in the right place.

Whatever your child’s situation, I believe improving their movement improves their quality of life.

Learn more about what I can offer your child!

I have been in the “movement business” for over 30 years and am passionate about using my expertise to help your child.

As a Feldenkrais® and Anat Baniel Methodsm practitioner my focus is not on “fixing”—seeing your child who has some problem as “broken” and in need of repair, but rather on “connecting” with him or her how they are, and from there exploring what could be better.

Her head control has improved leaps and bounds. She is starting to use her hands and her muscle tone and arching are improving every day. I would love for this to become the standard of care. I’m so happy to have an amazing ABM practitioner close by!

CC, whose daughter has HIE

And more appreciations from my clients!

For a worldwide listing of certified NeuroMovement® professionals serving Children with Special Needs, please visit:

I also use Feldenkrais® and the Anat Baniel Methodsm to work with adults looking to move more easily and with less pain. Learn more about that work at:

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