How I Work with Your Child

My private sessions with children range from 30 minutes to an hour based on what I believe they can reasonably handle.

For most children I begin with an initial consultation of about 1 hour where I will interact with both you and your child as appropriate to to better understand their unique situation and begin to address it. I will also make recommendations for further work.

Particularly if your child is on the autism spectrum and/or tends to be challenged in new environments I off a short “meet and greet” for $25 prior to the first full session.

I also offer a $25 short screening for children who are struggling in school to check for issues with balance, proprioception and reflex integration that can be at the root of these struggles. This will determine my work is likely to be of benefit.

Call 206-842-4608 or visit the contact page to schedule an initial consultation or get more information.


Children with Cerebral Palsy or Conditions that Involve Mobility Challenges

“Neurotypical” infants do lots of random movement. When some of this movement results in a desired outcome such as rolling over to reach a toy or sitting up to get a new view of the world, this is reinforced and mapped in the brain. Hence a child proceeds to achieve “developmental milestones”. When a child’s condition restricts this random movement delays are typical.

I use very gentle hands-on work and eventually active movement if appropriate to help your child fill in the gaps created by their condition. I give them plenty of opportunity to figure out as much as is reasonable so that they learn to feel more in control of their own lives.

Autism Spectrum & Sensory Processing Disorders

Though these two conditions are not the same, in both cases your child’s brain has difficulty making sense of the world outside. Anat Baniel likes to say there is too much stimulation and not enough information coming in. An overly stimulated child acts out and cannot learn. It is the ability to perceive differences that turns stimulation into information.

Helping your child with sensory processing issues is some of the most variable and creative work that I do.  I use active movement that requires making more clear distinctions. Often I incorporate activities from Brain Gym and Rhythmic Movement. Other times we have primarily verbal interactions.

I typically do at least some hands-on work in a given session using a clear firm pressure that is most effective with this group in ways to give them a clearer sense of their bodies. This very often helps with achieving a more nuanced sense of the outside world with associated improvements in learning and behavior.

If you have concerns about how your child will be in a new environment with a new person, I offer a 30 minute meet-and-greet session for $25.

Unexplained Learning Challenges

These kids don’t have what we think of as “special needs”, but struggle in school. Learning more about the role of movement, balance, coordination and baby reflex integration in academic learning has been a project of mine over the last several years.

When I meet such a child I do a short screening to evaluate balance, proprioception (the inner sense of where your body is), visual tracking and the full integration of baby reflexes. Problems in any of these areas have been associated with challenges both in learning and attention. If there are issues with balance and proprioception and/or reflex integration, I have hands on and active movement tools to address those.

I offer a 30 minute screen for $25. The results will let me know if there are concerns in any of the areas tested, and if so am I the best person to work with.

Performing Arts & Sports

If your child is struggling or injured in a performing art or sport I use my well-honed ability to look at their technique and figure out if there is something that can be done more efficiently and effectively to allow the injury if present to heal while also improving performance.

We will work with the “tools” your child uses and probably do other movement work. I will also use gentle hands-on work to support your child’s felt sense of what is being asked for so that he or she is empowered to pursue their chosen activity.


If you would like to learn more about any of these challenges and how I work with them you can find related articles at the top of my blog.


I also use Feldenkrais® and the Anat Baniel Methodsm to work with adults looking to move more easily and with less pain. Learn more about that work at:

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