If you are in the Seattle area and looking for a compassionate, intuitive, excellent Anat Baniel Method practitioner, please connect with Marsha. Both my daughter and I think of her as new member of our family… who happens to also be changing our lives.

–BB, mother of 5-year-old girl with special needs

My otherwise bright and motivated daughter struggled for years with her reading. After an eye doctor found nothing we started intensive tutoring. As part of a short screen by Marsha Novak we discovered a vision issue unrelated to acuity. After some vision therapy and using reading glasses she is reading much more fluently and has regained her confidence  and enjoyment in school.

–AG, mother of bright child who struggled with reading despite tutoring

Her head control has improved leaps and bounds. She is starting to use her hands and her muscle tone and arching are improving every day. I would love for this to become the standard of care. I’m so happy to have an amazing ABM practitioner close by!

–CC, mother of daughter who has HIE

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